Our Activities

RTHK Sunday Smile Radio Programme

A couple of students from our school took part in the radio programme Sunday Smile. The pre-recording took place on 6th December, 2017. They shared a fun story with the listeners.

Simply click on the following link to listen to the broadcasting live:

Halloween Fun Day

A creepy but fun Halloween fun day was run on 31st October 2017. The main highlight was the scary haunted “house”, where the kids had to walk through while screaming on top of their voices.

Christmas Celebrations

Morning Reading Corner

A Reading Corner was hosted by the NETs in the morning to enrich the kids’ reading experience and vocabulary power by providing them with fun story books to read.

English Week

Our annual English Week ran from 19 – 22 July this year. During this week, our school was filled with an English-rich atmosphere, where the students were keenly involved in varied fun activities ranging from animated movie shows to fun fair booth games. The whole event closed with a big success. Our kids reacted to most of the activities with huge enthusiasm especially the well-received variety show hosted by the NETs.

English Drama Show

On 4th July this year, our Primary 4 – 5 students had a rare chance to get a taste of what an English drama is like, thanks to Shakespeare4All, which offered our school a fantastic free drama show known as “Are You Asleep Yet?”. This show features poems extensively used in Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. It not only exposed our students to contemporary poetry in a simple way but also gave them an opportunity to perform with the professional actors and actresses.

English Morning Assemblies / English Fridays

This year, every Friday was our school’s English Day, during which the morning assembly was conducted in English. Topics ranging from festivals to healthy eating were shared with the students to further expose them to the target language. Little gifts were distributed at times to reward students’ keen participation through responding to the teachers’ questions.

Parents’ Workshop in English Storytelling

A workshop was conducted by our NETs for the some parents of the kindergarten kids who would enter an inter-school English Storytelling Competition held on 21st April. Some techniques on how to do the English storytelling in an interesting way were introduced to the parents.

Pre-P1 Orientation Programme (English Lessons)

A 5-day Orientation Programme has prepared for the Primary 1 students of the new school year. During the English lessons in the first 2 days of the programme, the kids learned English through such fun-filled activities as listening to nursery rhymes and songs, watching videos, colouring tasks and making a dragon puppet. Overall, they got much pleasure from these tasks.

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